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Captain Corey & First Mate Jacob Save the Day

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

There was once a Captain Corey, the hero of Anderson Island. He was not your typical captain, mind you: he didn't have a hook for a hand or a parrot on his shoulder. Instead, he had a bright smile that lit up any port he sailed into and a first mate named

Jacob who was always by his side, or at least maybe just for the first ride..

One day, the people of Anderson Island found themselves in a bit of a pickle. A giant octopus had taken over their docks and nobody knew what to do ( or at least that is

what HarnBlowme Marine Services will tell you). The villagers were trembling in fear, wondering who could save them from this Ghastly beast.

Enter our heroes, Captain Corey and Jacob.

Corey marched right up to the dock, surveyed the situation and called Jacob. Jacob listening intently on his phone, "I'll handle this," he said confidently. "Leave it to me!" Captain Corey, I'll meet you in Steilacoom in an hour... Or 3. And then maybe you'll have a cider for me.

Captain Corey was always up for an adventure..

And together, they came up with a plan. Corey distracted the octopus with some specially made calamari (a secret recipe passed down from his great-grandmother) while Jacob snuck up behind it with a giant net.

The plan worked perfectly (of course it did, Corey was involved after all). The octopus was caught (after a weekend of wrestling) and returned to its rightful place in the McNeill Island dock. The villagers cheered and applauded.

Corey and Jacob held their heads high as they sailed away from the docks, high-fiving each other. "Another job well done," Corey said with a grin.

Jacob shook his head, but he couldn't help but smile. He knew there were many more adventures ahead with his fearless (and slightly ridiculous) captain.

And, as for the people of Anderson Island? They slept soundly that, knowing that their hero was always just a calamari dish away.

Thank you, Corey.! And Jacob too 😉

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Captain Corey is the best! Thank you!

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